Just Released: Pigments for Paper and Paperboard

Anticipated Update Now Available

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It's been over two and a half decades since the first edition of Pigments for Paper hit the shelves and now the updated edition is hot off the press and ready for purchase.

The new release incorporates the changing nature of the paper/paperboard industry reflecting the surge in e-commerce activities and the development of cost-effective coatings with enhanced barrier performance and improved recyclability.  Accordingly, the title of the book has changed to Pigments for Paper and Paperboard, which fully captures the expanded content.

This comprehensive book includes the latest information on a diverse array of pigments used in paper coating and filling. It features 13 chapters contributed by 12 new authors, along with Editor Prakash Malla, Ph.D., and explores 10 different pigments essential to the papermaking process.

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Highlights include:

  • An overview of coated paper and the pivotal role pigments play in enhancing the performance attributes of coated paper/paperboard.
  • Detailed insights into various pigments, from kaolin clays to synthetic plastic pigments, covering their physical and chemical properties, manufacturing processes, and impact on coated sheet properties.
  • Exploration of how different pigments affect the printability and overall performance of coated paper and paperboard.

Whether you're a seasoned professional in the pulp and paper industry, a student surveying the world of paper science and engineering, or a librarian, this book serves as both an introductory guide and a practical reference.

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