We are proud to provide TAPPI Connect as a centralized, online resource for our members, consultants and volunteers to network, share knowledge, problem solve and collaborate.

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Advanced Coating Symposium Technical Program Committee - The Advanced Coating Symposium Technical Program Committee is responsible for planning and executing the program for the Advanced Coating Symposium.

CPS&E Division Scholarship Committee - The purpose of the Scholarship Program of the Coating and Graphic Arts Division Scholarship Program is to encourage talented science and engineering students to pursue careers in the paper industry.

CPS&E Steering Committee - The Coating & Graphic Arts Steering Committee oversees the direction of the Coating & Graphic Arts Division. The members are officers within Coating & Graphic Arts Committees.

Coating, Printing and Surface Enhancement Technical Program Committee   Technical Program Committee - The Technical Program Committee (TPC) solicits technical papers for TAPPICon, provides an unbiased peer review, and selects papers for presentation. TPC members will also assist in the organization of the technical sessions.

Coating Fundamentals Committee - The Coating Fundamentals Committee was formed to share knowledge related to Coating Fundamentals such as fluid dynamics, chemistry and process problems of high technology coatings, fluid metering, colloidal systems, rheology, thin film instabilities, coating and structure relationships, drying and other topics essential for current and new coating technologies of the future. This committee sponsors the Advanced Coating Symposium.

Coating Materials Committee - This committee of the Coating and Graphic Arts Division was created to develop knowledge related to the properties, use and testing of coating raw materials, individually and in formulations, including additives, binders, and pigments.

Coating Operations Committee - The purpose of this committee is to study, educate, and evaluate coating preparation, handling, processing, control, and application during the manufacture of coated paper and paperboard.

Printing and Converting Committee - This committee of the Coating and Graphic Arts Division was created to study the properties of coated and uncoated paper and paperboard which affect the application and quality of an applied image, through all converting steps, to a completed commercial product.

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