Yishai Amir
Sustaining Member

Atlanta, GA

Who in our industry doesn’t remember the prediction that computers meant the death of paper?

And while our industries have seen their share of change and conversion, paper is a long way from disappearing as a vital component in the business and manufacturing worlds. In fact, with the dawn of digital printing, it may even be undergoing a rebirth.

At least, that’s how TAPPI member Yishai Amir sees it.

Yishai is currently Vice President and General Manager for the Americas Graphics Solutions Business at Hewlett Packard (HP). In this role, he is responsible for leading all regional sales, marketing, business development, and service for the overall graphics division. He began his career with a company called Indigo, starting their label and packaging digital printing business and later moving on to start the photo business. When Indigo was purchased by HP, Yishai was tapped to manage strategic marketing for the unit. Six years ago, he moved to the U.S. from Israel to lead not only Indigo, but also the high-speed inkjet systems business in the Americas. In 2014, he assumed his current role.

Yishai sees digital printing as a growth industry with plenty of potential, and as the perfect partner for the paper and packaging industries. He approaches his work with the verve of an entrepreneur and says he is passionate about what the future holds for paper and digital printing. And, he says, that’s just one of the reasons why he finds great value in his TAPPI membership.

“The world is becoming more and more digital, providing consumers and businesses with huge value in flexibility in on-demand availability and personalized messaging,” says Yishai. “Digital presses use paper media for printing and provide many benefits over ‘traditional’ methods, thereby keeping paper products relevant, which is after all a core TAPPI objective.”

Like other technologies, digital printing has progressed significantly and now offers offset quality, along with the added benefits of speed and format. Nearly every job that can be done conventionally in offset/flexo/gravure can now be produced digitally. According to Yishai, the economies of scale are different, but the digital offerings are the perfect solution to the highly flexible supply chain needs of 21st century businesses, including on-demand orders, reducing inventory obsolesces, and the need for personalization and high level versioning.

“In this new world, we can’t fight the value that is delivered by digital media and devices,” notes Yishai. “But we can, and should, capitalize on it. Given our double digit growth rates, digital printing is one way to do just that.”


Q. Why did you decide to join TAPPI?

A. As a leader in the digital printing business, I believe that it is critical to work with TAPPI to grow this industry. 

Q. How is TAPPI important to your work?

A. Digital presses uses paper media for printing and provide the same benefits that digital media are providing, therefore it is keeping paper products relevant. Like TAPPI, that is one of our objectives. Digital printing meets many supply chain needs, including personalized messaging. We just saw this in the extremely successful, well-known beverage campaign where we printed personalized names and messages on their labels.

Q. Tell us about some of your interests outside of TAPPI and your professional life.

A. I love spending time with my kids. I have two sets of twins: boys aged 13 and girls aged nine. I also love playing the piano.

Q. Can you share a unique or fun fact about yourself?

A. I enjoy helping people grow and develop, and I really enjoy starting up and growing businesses (which ultimately provides a great place for people to grow and develop!).

Q. TAPPI celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015. Would you provide a few thoughts on what you believe have been the most significant contributions/breakthroughs in areas of our industry? Also, what is your favorite paper or packaging product?

A. I love packaging innovations. I believe that TAPPI’s great success is to create a strong COMMUNITY of people that have passion and love for paper and packaging products and see their future as part of this industry.

Q. Closing sentiments?

A. TAPPI is a great community where industry people can meet each other and network, share best practices, and look together for growth opportunities and innovation.