The Standards listed below are due for review this year. Due to the transition to a new balloting platform, the timing has not yet been determined.  If you wish to participate in the SSIGs that will review these Standards or if you would like to request a copy of the drafts in ballot, please send your request to the Standards team at [email protected] 



T 200 sp-15

Laboratory beating of pulp (Valley beater method)

T 213 om-15

Dirt in pulp - chart method

T 220 sp-16

Physical testing of pulp handsheets

T 221 cm-09

Drainage time of pulp

T 222 om-15

Acid insoluble lignin in wood and pulp

T 223 cm-10

Pentosans in wood and pulp

T 226 cm-11

Specific external surface of pulp

T 236 om-13

Kappa number of pulp

T 245 cm-07

Silicates and silica in pulp (wet ash method)

T 248 sp-15

Laboratory beating of pulp (PFI mill method)

T 249 cm-09

Carbohydrate composition of extractive-free wood and wood pulp by gas-liquid chromatography

T 254 cm-10

Cupriethylenediamine disperse viscosity of pulp (falling ball method)

T 255 cm-07

Water-soluble sulfates in pulp and paper

T 256 cm-07

Water-soluble chlorides in pulp and paper

T 257 sp-14

Sampling and preparing wood for analysis

T 258 om-16

Basic density and moisture content of pulpwood

T 259 om-15

Species identification of nonwood plant fibers

T 261 cm-10

Fines fraction by weight of paper stock by wet screening

T 263 sp-16

Identification of wood and fibers from conifers

T 265 cm-09

Natural dirt in wood chips

T 268 om-13

Weight-volume measurement of pulpwood

T 272 sp-12

Forming handsheets for reflectance testing of pulp (sheet machine procedure)

T 401 om-15

Fiber analysis of paper and paperboard

T 402 sp-13

Standard conditioning and testing atmospheres for paper, board, pulp handsheets, and related products

T 403 om-15

Bursting strength of paper

T 406 om-13

Reducible sulfur in paper and paperboard

T 408 cm-07

Rosin in paper and paperboard

T 409 sp-15

Machine direction of paper and paperboard

T 411 om-15

Thickness (caliper) of paper, paperboard, and combined board

T 421 om-12

Qualitative (including optical microscopic) analysis of mineral filler and mineral coating of paper

T 425 om-16

Opacity of paper (15/d geometry, illuminant A/2 degrees, 89% reflectance backing and paper backing)

T 429 cm-10

Alpha-cellulose in paper

T 430 cm-09

Copper number of pulp, paper, and paperboard

T 431 cm-10

Ink absorbency of blotting paper

T 432 cm-09

Water absorbency of bibulous papers

T 434 cm-10

Acid-soluble iron in paper

T 435 om-16

Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of paper extracts (hot extraction method)

T 437 om-12

Dirt in paper and paperboard

T 454 om-15

Turpentine test for voids in glassine and greaseproof papers

T 456 om-15

Tensile breaking strength of water-saturated paper and paperboard (“wet tensile strength”)

T 459 om-13

Surface strength of paper (wax pick test)

T 460 om-16

Air resistance of paper (Gurley method)

T 461 cm-09

Flame resistance of treated paper and paperboard

T 462 cm-16

Castor-oil penetration test for paper

T 465 sp-16

Static creasing of paper for water vapor transmission tests

T 479 cm-09

Smoothness of paper (Bekk method)

T 480 om-15

Specular gloss of paper and paperboard at 75 degrees

T 489 om-15

Bending resistance (stiffness) of paper and paperboard (Taber-type tester in basic configuration)

T 493 cm-10

Identification and determination of melamine resin in paper

T 502 cm-07

Equilibrium relative humidity of paper and paperboard

T 504 cm-07

Glue in paper (qualitative & quantitative determination)

T 507 cm-09

Grease resistance of flexible packaging materials

T 509 om-15

Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of paper extracts (cold extraction method)

T 512 sp-12

Creasing of flexible packaging material paper specimens for testing

T 516 cm-11

Envelope seal, seam, and window patch testing

T 520 cm-07

Curl of gummed flat paper

T 529 om-14

Surface pH measurement of paper

T 534 om-15

Brightness of clay and other mineral pigments (d/0 diffuse)

T 537 om-16

Dirt count in paper and paperboard (optical character recognition - OCR)

T 538 om-16

Roughness of paper and paperboard (Sheffield method)

T 541 om-15

Internal bond strength of paperboard (z-direction tensile)

T 543 om-16

Bending resistance of paper (Gurley-type tester)

T 546 om-15

Machine-direction grammage variation measurement (gravimetric method)

T 553 om-15

Alkalinity of paper as calcium carbonate (alkaline reserve of paper)

T 555 om-15

Roughness of paper and paperboard (print-surf method)

T 556 om-16

Bending resistance of paper and paperboard by single-point bending methods

T 558 om-15

Surface wettability and absorbency of sheeted materials using an automated contact angle tester

T 563 om-15

Equivalent black area (EBA) and count of visible dirt in pulp, paper and paperboard by image analysis

T 564 sp-16

Transparent chart for the estimation of defect size

T 566 om-15

Bending resistance (stiffness) of paper (Taber-type tester in 0 to 10 Taber stiffness unit configuration)

T 567 om-15

Determination of effective residual ink concentration (ERIC) by infrared reflectance measurement

T 569 om-14

Internal bond strength (Scott type)

T 572 sp-13

Accelerated pollutant aging of printing and writing paper by pollution chamber exposure apparatus

T 573 sp-15

Accelerated temperature aging of printing and writing paper by dry oven exposure apparatus

T 577 om-13

Score bend test

T 600 om-15

Analysis of formaldehyde in aqueous solutions and of free formaldehyde in resins

T 602 cm-06

Analysis of sulfuric acid

T 604 cm-09

Sulfur dioxide in sulfite cooking liquor

T 610 sp-15

Preparation of indicators and standard solutions

T 611 cm-07

Analysis of bleaching powder, calcium hypochlorite bleach liquor and bleach sludge

T 613 cm-10

Analysis of caustic soda

T 617 cm-10

Analysis of lime

T 618 cm-10

Analysis of limestone

T 619 cm-10

Analysis of salt cake

T 621 cm-10

Analysis of rosin

T 622 cm-10

Analysis of sodium hydrosulfite

T 628 cm-10

Analysis of rosin size

T 632 cm-11

Analysis of sodium silicate

T 650 om-15

Solids content of black liquor

T 684 om-15

Gross heating value of black liquor

T 692 om-13

Determination of suspended solids in kraft green and white liquors

T 699 om-09

Analysis of pulping liquors by suppressed ion chromatography

T 702 om-14

Rheological measurements for characterization of polyolefins: low-density polyethylene (LDPE) for extrusion coating

T 803 cm-10

Puncture test of containerboard

T 807 om-16

Bursting strength of linerboard

T 820 cm-09

Flexural stiffness of corrugated board

T 822 om-16

Ring crush of paperboard (rigid support method)

T 829 om-15

Score quality test

T 844 pm-15

Determining construction (nominal basis weight) of corrugated board

T 1006 sp-15

Testing of fiber glass mats:  use of modified TAPPI procedures for sampling and lot acceptance, stiffness, tear resistance, air permeability, and thickness

T 1007 sp-15

Sample location for fiber glass mat sheets

T 1008 sp-15

Test conditions for fiberglass mat test methods

T 1009 om-16

Tensile strength and elongation at break for fiber glass mats

T 1011 om-15

Basis weight of fiber glass mats

T 1012 om-15

Moisture content of fiber glass mats

T 1013 om-15

Loss on ignition of fiber glass mats

T 1014 om-15

Moisture sensitivity of fiber glass mats

T 1015 sp 15

Fiber glass mat uniformity (visual defects)

T 1016 om-15

Average fiber diameter of fiber glass mats