Article from “Paper Trade Journal 100th Anniversary Issue”, May 27, 1972, page 211

A few other U.S. paper mills with histories of varied ownership of equal age or older, but only 31 of today’s active mills have appeared in every edition of Lockwood’s Directory from 1873 onward without change in location or substantial altering

of company name, although some are now subsidiaries of other companies. These champions of continuity, and five other senior companies, are listed below under present designations:


C.H. Dexter Div., The Dexter Corp., Windsor Locks; Robertson Paper Box Co Inc., Montville; Rogers Corp., Manchester


Curtis Paper Co., Newark


S.D. Warren Co., Div. of Scott Paper Co., Westbrook (Cumberland Mills)


Bird & Son Inc., East Walpole; L.L. Brown Paper Co., Adams; Byron Co., Dalton; Crane & Co. Inc., Dalton; Fitchburg Paper Co., Div. of Litton Industries, Fitchburg; Franklin Paper Co. Inc., Holyoke; Hurlbut Papers Div., Mead Corp., South Lee; T & H Papers Div., Diamond International Corp., Boston; Valley Paper Co., Holyoke


Kalamazoo Paper Div., Georgia Pacific Corp., Kalamazoo; Peninsular Paper Co., Ypsilanti

New Hampshire

Contoocook Valley Paper Co., West Henniker; G.E. Robertson & Co., Hinsdalele

New Jersey

Davey & Co., Jersey City; Riegel Products Corp., Riefelsville (Musconetcong)

New York

Beckett Paper Co., Div. of Hammermill Paper Co., Hamilton; Fox Paper Inc., Lockland; Harding-Jones Paper Co., Middleton; Wrenn Papers, Div. of Mead Corp., Middleton; Columbia Corp., Chatham; Knowlton Brothers, Watertown; Manning Paper Co., Div. of Hammermill Paper Co., Troy; Mohawk Paper Mills Inc., Sub. Of Federal Paper Board Inc., Waterford


P.H. Glatfelter Co., Spring Grove (Spring Forge)


Adams Paper Co., Div. of Robertson Paper Co., Wells River


Kimberly-Clark Corp., Neenah