5,000 journals articles and conference papers now available to search

Lost and found. Lost and found. 

The words ‘coming soon’ can be your worst nightmare. These words tell you nothing and leave you wondering how soon ‘soon’ is. I am sending my deepest apologies for leaving you out in the cold about the journal articles and conference papers you were waiting for, but the wait is over. Over 5,000 articles and papers have been added to the site and are available to TAPPI members.  The hiccup that made this transition a little long than expected is that certain TAPPI products were temporarily misplaced during the transition from the old site to our new site.


The process was a lot more manual than we had originally planned making it hard to transfer all of the articles. No fear, we may only be humans but if we put our mind to it we can get it done and that is exactly what we did, one transfer at a time. Now all the papers, journals and articles are open for business to you.

Start your search for them now.


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