Inline Color 6/28

Monday, June 28, 2021 to Monday, June 28, 2021

Hosted by: X-Rite Pantone

11AM - 12PM (EST)

Producing accurate color on paper can be difficult. Balancing the complexities of the raw materials like chemicals, fillers, dyes, pigments, OBAs and other materials required to produce the pulp is one thing, while also accommodating other customer specifications and operational needs, is another. Not to mention the environmental factors like a dirty environment or product temperature that can impact the color. Properly producing accurate color from pulp to final inspection requires a smart, stable, reliable, and accurate inline color measurement system that provides early warnings of color shifts at critical checkpoints on the production line.

Attend this TAPPI-hosted webinar to hear from X-Rite's inline color experts as well as a guest speaker on how X-Rite's industry-leading inline closed-loop color control solutions gives you the data and automation you need to achieve total color control on your production line(s), improve overall production output and quality, and achieve a quick ROI.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Distinguish the difference between offline and inline measurement solutions
  2. Identify where inline color solutions can be applied to their production line

Who Should Attend?

  • Job Titles 
  • Production Manager 
  • Mill Manager 
  • Plant Manager

Type of Company

  • Paper Mills 
  • Paper Manufacturing

Manfred Binder

Fredy-klein.jpgManfred Binder is the Director for New Business Development for Inline Color Measurement at X-Rite GmbH, the market leader for color measurement. After his graduation in mechanical engineering, he collected experience with optical instruments. In the last 35 years he worked in the color business in different roles. For more than 25 years he has been in the inline color business where he consults many different industries all around the world. His idea is that only color measurement in the process helps to avoid off spec production

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