Przem Pruszynski received his Ph.D. from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, in Physical Organic Chemistry. His academic research continued at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the University of Toronto focusing on the isotope effect in acid-base reactions.


Pruszynski started his pulp and paper career in the DOW Chemical Forest Products Research group in Sarnia, Ontario. In 1992, Pruszynski joined Nalco where he worked for 25 years as group leader R&D, technical director of Corporate Pulp and Paper Research and finally, as principal consultant in the Paper Group. He retired in October 2017. Presently, in addition to enjoying retirement with his family, he operates a consulting services company, Pruszynski Paper Chemistry Consulting, LLC.


Pruszynski established himself as a leading expert in wet end chemistry, especially pertaining to mechanical grades and other contaminated furnishes. His expertise spans from pulping and bleaching to such paper machine applications as retention, drainage, sizing and pitch and stickies control. Pruszynski offers a unique blend of an academic background and practical experience from his projects on 150+ paper machines in all corners of the world. He was involved in the development of new chemistry of polymeric additives and developing new application strategies.


His research group at Nalco contributed to the better understanding of the fundamentals of the kinetics of flocculation, the impact of anionic trash, and the operation of the microparticle program. Pruszynski proposed alternative mechanisms of fixation, using higher molecular weight-lower charge coagulants, and bentonite-flocculant synergy. Understanding and overcoming problems related to anionic trash and increased conductivity related to high brightness mechanical pulps, improved stability of paper machine operations, developing closed-loop control of retention programs, linking application of retention programs to sheet printability and understanding potential undesired interactions between various chemical applications, were always at the top of his interests.


Pruszynski applied a science-based approach to solving papermakers’ problems. In 2009-2011, he participated in a series of workshops in China focusing on the challenges and solutions related to increased levels of mechanical market pulps in the furnish.


He has been a member of TAPPI since 1992. In 2008, he received the Jasper Mordon Award for Contributions to the Science and Technology of Papermaking. He has published over 100 papers and conference presentations and holds six U.S. patents. Pruszynski co-authored the chapter on chemical interactions in the TAPPI Press publication Advances in Papermaking Wet End Chemistry Application Technologies and has delivered keynote lectures at several large conferences in Europe and China.


His academic background, practical experience, and deeply rooted interest in teaching resulted in Pruszynski teaching the TAPPI Wet End Chemistry Course for close to ten years and delivering a series of wet end chemistry webinars.

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