John Neun Named Recipient of 2022 Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award

Renowned honor recognizes ongoing Association contributions

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TAPPI is pleased to announce that John Neun, TAPPI Fellow, has been named winner of the prominent Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award. Mr. Neun, formerly a staff engineer with Albany International, is a consulting engineer for John A. Neun, LLC.

 Neun holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

He has worked in the paper industry since 1979, first as a Research Engineer with Albany Felt Company, followed by  a long tenure at Kadant - AES, where he was a Product Manager and Design and Development Manager. His first boss at Albany Felt, Ed DeCrosta, was an officer of the TAPPI Engineering Division and introduced Neun to TAPPI in 1980.

Neun served as an officer and ultimately chairman of the Water Removal Committee, the Papermaker’s Committee, and the Paper and Board Division. He has written and presented many conference papers and has lectured in TAPPI courses for decades. He has played some role in every annual conference since 1990. Currently, Neun serves on the TAPPI Journal Editorial Board.

Neun has received the Leadership and Service Awards from both the TAPPI Engineering Division and Paper and Board Division, as well as the TAPPI Engineering Division’s Technical Award.

He holds six U.S. patents and has published many technical papers for TAPPI, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), SME, and the U.S. National Bureau of Standards.

The award will be officially presented at TAPPICon, April 30-May 4, 2022 in Charlotte, NC, USA.


About the Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award:

The Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award  was established to recognize individuals for voluntary leadership and support. Recipient’s have significantly and demonstrably advanced the mission and vision of TAPPI and in specific improvements made in the Association’s internal or external endeavors.