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Did you know the Paper and Packaging Industry offers an incredible opportunity to work with other science and engineering professionals in a truly high-tech environment?  And, we also develop products created from renewable resources. But that’s just the start.  Our Industry has some of the most advanced production and information systems in the world. Modern paper and packaging manufacturing facilities use state-of-the-art automation and intelligent systems that offer a safe and innovative environment for new engineers and skilled technicians to apply their expertise and education.

Interested yet?  Not only are the mill systems and equipment cutting edge, so are the paper and packaging products themselves. There are opportunities to work with advanced products and technologies, such as Nanotechnology, Bioreactive papers that detect and kill bacteria, recyclable paper cell phones and much more. Innovative new products that exploit paper’s unique benefits are created each day.

So whether you like chemistry, physics, computer science or just solving problems, each area of the mill can put your skills and ingenuity to the test on a daily basis (and there are scholarships available to help jump start your career).  

Check out our video and brochure to learn more.

Paper Engineering Brochure

Paper Engineering Video