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Did You Know There is a TAPPI Standard for the Training of Paper Machine Supervisors and Operators?

"The culture of training has changed. The global norm for operators is the equivalent of a one or two year certificate or associate degree. In some countries, it is the equivalent of a college-level degree. Mills in North America are providing operators with increased technical training to compliment traditional equipment training. However, there are still some mills that consider technical training of no value—or they do not know how to implement it. This standard can be used to help bridge that gap, and provide a roadmap for the continued training of paper machine supervisors, experienced operators or new operators.”  Michael J. Kocurek, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Paper Science & Engineering, Department of Forest Biomaterials, North Carolina State University


TAPPI/ANSI T 1501 sg-18: Training Standard for Paper Machine Tender

The demand to train new operators at a faster rate is greater than ever. While process control technology gives the new operators excellent information on “what” is happening, the guidelines set forth in this standard help address the “why” things happen to paint a more complete picture.

An essential onboarding tool, this training standard provides guidelines for skills and knowledge needed by a paper machine operator. It can be used as useful measure of the capabilities and understanding that a person must have to successfully perform the important paper machine operation functions as part of a technologically advanced workforce. It is also valuable for guiding the additional training of all supervisors, experienced operators and new operators.  

This standard covers:

Paper machine.jpg

  • Product knowledge

  • Paper process variables

  • Equipment and systems operation

  • Process control equipment

  • Process control tasks

  • Troubleshooting knowledge and skills

  • Machine clothing

  • Preventive/predictive maintenance

  • Safety and safe work practices

  • As well as some suggested academic knowledge and skills

Since all TAPPI Standards are written by industry experts and undergo a vigorous peer review process before being accepted, you can feel confident in adding this resource to your training arsenal, that you are supporting your organization’s efforts for continuous improvement and strengthening your crew’s knowledge base.   

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