New TAPPI Webinar: Efficient Production of Bio-Based Ingredients

Learn About the Performance Benefits of an Aldehyde-Assisted Fractionation (AAF) Biorefinery


Efficient Production of Bio-Based Ingredients

March 12, 2024

9:00am – 10:00am (ET)


TAPPI’s Nanotechnology Division is organizing a new informational webinar focused on Aldehyde-assisted fractionation (AAF). AAF is an organosolv technique which enables you to valorise all biopolymers present in biomass, namely lignin, hemicellulose, and cellulose, while maintaining a close control over the chemical integrity and structure of these bio-based structures.

This webinar will highlight the key benefits of an AAF biorefinery with respect to performance while keeping a focus on sustainability metrics of the proposed bio-based alternatives.


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Meet the Speaker: Philip B. V. Scholten, Bloom Biorenewables

Scholten is the Chief Innovation Officer at Bloom Biorenewables where he and his team develop sustainable biomaterials of the future. He is also the scientific communication officer of Circul-a-bility, a network of European scientists developing tomorrow’s circular food packaging, and an ally and advocate for equal opportunities and diversity in science. Learn more about Scholten here.


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