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Welcome to our Nanotechnology Division page. The division is comprised of professionals who work to advance research, development and deployment of renewable nanomaterials to help meet the material needs of people and society; share and disseminate knowledge and information on responsible production, use, and disposal of renewable nanomaterials, with special emphasis on nanomaterials produced from forest  biomass; advance the science and technology supporting the production, modification and end user applications for renewable nanomaterials used either alone or in combination with other materials.

Division Chair: Johan Foster, University of British Colombia

Academic Co-Chair: Maria Soledad Peresin, Auburn University

Industry Co-Chair: Jimmy Jong, FPInnovations

Each year, the Nanotechnology Division hosts the International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials.

The Technical Committees of the Nanotechnology Division work together throughout the year to solve problems, develop technical papers, plan conference sessions, and more.

Each year, the Nanotechnology Division is proud to provide several awards.

We are proud to provide TAPPI Connect as a centralized, online resource for our members, consultants and volunteers to network, share knowledge, problem solve and collaborate.