Sharpen Your Understanding of Paper Machine Operations

Are you looking to troubleshoot your paper machine challenges and improve efficiency? If so, TAPPI's Paper Machine Operations Course is for you. Strategically situated near numerous paper mills, this introductory course will be hosted at Jacobs in Greenville, South Carolina and is scheduled for May 21-23, 2024.

Veteran experts with over 130 years of collective experience and knowledge will deliver the course content and share best industry practices. This course will be led by Course Chair Tom Rodencal, and will also include Michael Kaegbein, Kevin Kroon, John Lucius, and John A. Neun. Participants from the 2023 Paper Machine Operations Course ranked the instructors with an overall rating of 4.7/5 stars. You do not want to miss all the valuable insights.

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“This course delivers a strong return on investment because you will gain a greater understanding of the paper machine and its processes, as well as practical information that you can use back at the mill,” said a previous attendee.

Course insights and knowledge include:

  • How the mechanical components and operations of the paper machine affect the structure of paper and quality 
  • The design and operating features of the paper machine that affect performance 
  • Ways to improve paper machine efficiency and product quality based on a new understanding of the overall operation

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You are encouraged to bring your questions and current challenges to have them studied and solved during the course. You will also receive comprehensive course materials, including slide presentations and diagrams, for future reference.

Earn Credit

Participants who attend at least 80% of the educational sessions and complete the final program evaluation will be awarded 2.0 CEUs by TAPPI.

Early bird registration ends on April 23 to save over $200. Bring your colleagues and save more with group discounts. Register today.