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Paper and Packaging Industry Champions Change for Women in the Workforce
TAPPI’s 2nd Annual Women’s Summit is the perfect forum for all who support the growth of women in today’s workforce. Join your industry peers for in-depth discussions on key topics affecting working women.
Scout New Technology at PEERS 2018
PEERS 2018 New Technology Showcase offers attendees the chance to view some of the latest innovations on the market.
IBBC Keynote Focuses on Transforming Kraft Pulp Mill into Biorefinery
Interested in developing new revenue streams that will also help you achieve your sustainability goals? Learn how at TAPPI’s 2019 International Bioenergy & Bioproducts Conference (IBBC).
Popular PEERS Workshops Offer Hands-On Training
Looking for hands-on training your mill’s operating teams can apply immediately back at the mill? Send them to a PEERS pre-conference workshop. Register by October 3, 2019 and save!
Sustainability is More Than Just a Slogan
Just about everything we buy today comes in a package. Have you ever wondered what happens to that package once it is thrown away? Does it leave a permanent scar on the environment or does it decompose and return to nature? Learn about a new sustainable barrier technology at Specialty Papers US 2019.
Seed Flax Straw – a Nonwoods Alternative for Paper Pulp
Nonwood fibers have been used in papermaking for thousands of years yet many people think paper is only made from trees. As environmental concerns continue to rise, mills are looking toward nonwoods as a new market opportunity. Learn why at TAPPI’s 2019 International Bioenergy & Bioproducts Conference (IBBC).
Improved Waste Utilization Reduces Environmental Footprint
How would you like to reduce your environmental footprint and develop a new revenue stream at the same time? Optimizing your waste utilization methods can help you do just that. Learn more at PEERS 2019.
Valmet and GPI Digester Optimization Project Featured at PEERS 2019
Struggling to reduce your mill’s production costs and still maintain consistent pulp quality? Learn strategies on how to optimize your kraft pulp digester operation at PEERS 2019.
IBBC 2019 Highlights How Flexible Biorefineries Produce Different Bio-based Products with Organosolv Processes
Wouldn’t it be great if you could produce new bio-based products at the whim of your consumer? It may now be possible. Learn how flexible biorefineries are using organosolv processes to meet this goal at TAPPI’s 2019 International Bioenergy & Bioproducts Conference (IBBC).
PaperCon’s Looking for Thought Leaders in 2020
Are you one? Join some of the top minds at what is considered pulp and paper’s largest and most prestigious technical conference.
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