Developing Technical Information Papers (TIPs)

How to Submit a Technical Information Paper (TIP)

Are you interested in submitting or reviewing a Technical Information Paper (TIP)? Getting started is easy, and which steps you take depend on how far along you are with your idea.

First, you can consult our complete list of subject categories for TIPs below, or view the PDF list.

If you have a general idea for a TIP, simply complete the New Idea Submission Form. We will review your idea and identify the right committee or group to work on your suggestion.

If you already have an initial draft for a TIP that contains, at minimum, a description of the scope of the document, you can send it along to A Standards manager will then work with you to ensure the required formatting for a TIP is followed and to obtain the necessary number of reviewers as outlined in the TIPs Guidelines.

Regulations and Style Guidelines for Technical Information Papers (TIPs)

If you are already at the writing stage, we provide complete regulations and style guidelines for Technical Information Papers. These guidelines include:

  • How to write a TIP using proper terminology and format
  • How to use a checklist to ensure all required sections are included
  • How the working group chairperson and working groups fit into the process of preparing a TIP
  • Download the complete guidelines to learn more.

How to Review a Technical Information Paper (TIP)

You can get involved in the TIP review process by joining a Working Group. These working groups are a great way to have discussions with experts around the world on critical processes and procedures in the industry.

All members in good standing are invited to participate in Working Groups. Each group requires a minimum of 3 members to approve the content of a TIP.

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