2020 Association Awards

TAPPI 2020 Awards Ceremony

Welcome to the virtual celebration of

TAPPI's 2020 Association Awards

June 23, 2020   •  8:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Good evening and welcome to the first-ever virtual Association Awards Ceremony. The ceremony is co-hosted by Peter Augustine, TAPPI Board of Directors chair, and Larry Montague, TAPPI CEO and president.

You will be able to watch the ceremony via Zoom, and also join a special “after party” to congratulate our 2020 winners.

To attend:

Click on the Zoom link below to attend the ceremony.  Once you are connected, you will be placed in a waiting room until the ceremony begins. We have muted everyone by default so we're not disrupted during the ceremony. Please stay muted throughout the event. If you are an awards recipient, please unmute your microphone when called upon to give your remarks and then please mute back once you’re finished. For those who may not know, just click the microphone icon in the bottom bar of the Zoom interface to mute or unmute yourself. You can also choose to have your camera on or off - that’s up to you, but please be aware that this event is being recorded for posting to TAPPI’s YouTube channel. 

At the conclusion of our event, please stay on and join us for our after-party where we will unmute our microphones and congratulate each other.


Awards Ceremony
ZOOM link



If you have issues during the event, please use the chat box to reach Heather Durden who is providing support. You can also text her at 770-826-8433.


Not sure how to Zoom?  It's easy.  Just follow these steps:


Step 1 - Open your phone or laptop so the camera on your device can see you. If you prefer not to be seen, you can click on a button once you are in the meeting to turn off your video.

Step 2 - Click here to open the Zoom meeting/ceremony

Step 3 - A Zoom screen will appear.  If you already have downloaded ZOOM in the past, click on the "launch meeting" link identified below with the red arrow (on the left).  If you have never used ZOOM before, you will need to quickly download the app.  Click on the "download and run Zoom" link identified below with the orange arrow (on the right).

Zoom instructions 1

Step 4 - The next screen will show "Zoom Meeting" highlighted in blue.  Click on the "Open link" button at the bottom identified by the red arrow.

Zoom instruction 2

Step 5 - The next screen asks you to select how you want to communicate.  Select "Join with Computer Audo" if you will listen and talk through your computer.  Select "Phone call" at the top if you will be calling in with your phone.

Zoom instructions 3

If you prefer to call into the meeting with your phone, dial +1-312-626-6799 US (Chicago) or +1-929-436-2866 US (New York). Once connected, you will be asked to enter the meeting id #983 0134 0715.

If you prefer to dial in from a local number in your area, you will need to click on the following link to find that number: https://tappi.zoom.us/u/abQ5Ur3Aju

Step 6 - Wait until the host opens the meeting.

Step 7 - Your computer/phone should be on mute during the ceremony.  Once the ceremony is over, you can unmute your computer/phone to congratulate the winners.  If you want to congratulate them during the ceremony, click on the chat button and type what you would like to say.