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PIMA Management


The PIMA Management Division is a unique TAPPI division in that the focus isn’t on a technical segment, but rather is on leadership, innovation, workforce development, and safety for all industry members. Its goal is to influence a culture of innovation to adopt industry 4.0 principles to address sustainability of the industry through manufacturing advances and attract, develop, and retain talent across the industry. 

Mission Statement
PIMA’s purpose is to influence a culture of innovation complementing the technical and professional work done by all TAPPI’s divisions towards a sustainable future for the entire industry.

Vision Statement
PIMA is recognized as the trusted source for leadership, workforce development, and safety content that contributes toward an innovative, sustainable global pulp and paper industry.

PIMA Division Executive Council

  • Executive Chair: Robert White, Pulmac Systems International
  • Executive Vice Chair: Open
  • Executive Secretary/2nd Vice Chair: Open
  • Immediate Past Executive Chair: Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar
  • Awards Chair: Roger Smith, Retired
  • DEI Co-Chair: Pamela Cowan, Pulmac Systems International
  • DEI Co-Chair: Anitra Collins, Graphic Packaging International
  • Future of the Industry Chair: Chris Luettgen, APPTI
  • Membership Chair: Mike Farrell, Graphic Packaging International
  • Mill Engagement Chair: Daniel Boren, Valmet
  • Program Chair: Open
  • Program Vice Chair: Mariana Sandin, Seeq
  • Safety Chair: Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar
  • Student/Academic Relations Chair: Med Byrd, North Carolina State University
  • Workforce Development Chair: Jay Stockard, Pulmac Systems International
  • Couch Pit University Chair: Troy Wilson, Domtar
  • Women in Industry Chair: Sarah Loner, Solenis
  • Women in Industry Vice Chair: Amanda Kernan, Valmet
  • Young Professionals Chair: Brennan Augst, Voith
  • Young Professionals Vice Chair: Lena Sharesky, Packaging Corporation of America

The Committees of the PIMA Management Division work together throughout the year to create valuable content for all TAPPI members.

Each year, the PIMA Management Division is proud to provide several awards.

We are proud to provide TAPPI Connect as a centralized, online resource for our members, consultants and volunteers to network, share knowledge, problem solve and collaborate.

To learn more about the PIMA Management Division or to get involved, email Lisa Lockwood.