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Corrugated Board Technical Service Committee (Corbotec) - Provides technical assistance to mills, container plants, and box customers in resolving board and container problems by promoting information exchange and communication between all elements of the process and distribution cycle.  This technical committee meetings twice each year to exchange ideas related to technical issues in all areas of the corrugated packaging industry.  The summer meeting is a two day meeting including technical presentations, tours of plants or other relevant facilities, and review of “ask Corbotec” cards.  These questions are inquiries that have been submitted anonymously prior to the meeting by people in the industry related to problems or issues they may be having.  These inquiries are discussed collectively by the group and solutions are presented.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and interact with peers and colleagues in a technical environment. 

Corrugated Packaging Council (CPC) - This council is the governing body of TAPPI’s Corrugated Division. It is comprised of eight appointed members from major integrated and independent box companies, and nine elected positions, including suppliers and current committee chairs.

Corrugated Scholarship Committee - They are responsible for reviewing nominations and making the final selections for the both Division Awards and Scholarships each year.

Fiberboard Shipping Container Testing Committee (Fiscotec) - Maintains Standards and Test Methods designed to help define performance-related properties of fiberboard shipping containers based on the physical properties of their components. In order to assure that each method remains current and accurate, they are reviewed on a regular schedule by their individual subject specific interest groups (SSIGs.)  The FISCOTEC committee has the responsibility to oversee this process.  The FISCOTEC committee is also where new methods get proposed, and where technical discussions about new and existing methods happen in order to help make the methods (and the industry) better. 

Suppliers Advisory Committee - This committee is responsible for advising the CPC on administrative policies and procedures which guide Division affairs related to corrugated supplier members.

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