We are proud to provide TAPPI Connect as a centralized, online resource for our members, consultants and volunteers to network, share knowledge, problem solve and collaborate.


The committee links will direct you to the TAPPI Connect Community pages to get involved in discussion and more. 

Nonwovens Division Steering Committee - This committee is the Technical Planning Committee for all meetings, webinars and symposia. If you are interested in being front and center to the planning of events, reviewing content and hosting educational technology forums, then select this Committee

Raw Materials and Equipment Committee - This committee meets monthly to discuss ins and outs, technology, process, and success stories in the Raw Material and Equipment field. 
Choose this committee if you are interested in town-hall format discussions with lively Q&A.

Hygiene and Medical Markets - This committee will serve as a platform for experts and professionals to collaborate and address critical issues related to personal protective equipment (PPE), wipes, sanitation, safety, and advancements in the field. By sharing knowledge and experiences, the committee will facilitate the dissemination of best practices, successes, and lessons learned, leading to improved product quality, enhanced safety standards, and increased efficiency in hygiene and medical nonwovens production.

Sustainability, Circularity and Recyclability (SCR) - This committee will be incredibly beneficial as it provides a platform for experts and stakeholders to collaborate and exchange knowledge on pressing environmental issues. This committee can generate innovative solutions, educate, and promote sustainable practices, ultimately leading to a more environmentally conscious and resource-efficient society. The committee's efforts would not only raise awareness about the importance of sustainability but also serve as a valuable source of information, disseminating best practices and research findings to drive meaningful change at individual, community, and industry levels.

Fiberglass Mat Technology Committee - Members consist of manufacturers and suppliers who assist in the development of the NETInc conference.  FMT Committee holds an annual fall meeting focused on education and networking. Committee meets once a month via teleconference.  

For more information on any of our Divisions, Committees or Local Sections please contact our Member Connection Center or consult our Staff Directory.