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Optical Properties Committee - This committee explores methods for evaluating the appearance properties of the raw materials or products of the pulp and paper industries.

Physical Properties Committee - This committee explores methods related to the physical properties of paper or paperboard important to its manufacture and end use.

PP&Q Scholarship Committee - The purpose of the Process & Product Quality Division Scholarship Program is to encourage talented science and engineering students to pursue careers in the pulp and paper industry and to develop awareness of quality management. The Division plans to award one $500 scholarship annually.

Process and Product Quality Division Council - The council's main goal is to assess and promote process and product quality through continuous improvement and application of state-of-the-art testing, implementation and quality management techniques.

Pulp and Chemical Properties Committee - This committee explores physical and microscopical methods for the characterization of fibrous materials used in the pulp and paper industries, and chemical methods designed for fundamental studies, control of manufacturing processes, or characterization of raw materials of the pulp and paper industries, including those methods applicable to both pulp and paper.

Tissue Properties Subcommittee - This subcommittee tests methods related to hygienic tissue products, including kitchen towel, facial hankies, bath, table napkins and wipes. Not included are wrapping tissue and baby diapers.

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