Member Spotlight: Heather Jennings

Heather Jennings
Professional Member
Mesa, AZ

Heather Jennings is on a trailblazing path! After graduating from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, she has amassed over 14 years of experience in project management, environmental programs, municipal and industrial facility system analysis, and design for both municipal water and wastewater systems. She also has additional experience in permitting at the state and federal levels, has co-presented at TAPPI conferences and authored articles. Her published articles include:

 Wastewater Nutrient Changes Lead to Savings for Mill Owners 
(Shawn Whitmer and Heather Jennings), Pulp & Paper International(July/August 2015 issue)

Micro Carbon Technology®: A Powerful and Proven Technology to Improve​​ Wastewater Treatment Efficiency​​
(Shawn Whitmer and Heather Jennings) Conference Paper, TAPPI-PEERS Conference, October 2015

Use of Biostimulants and Buffers for Upset Recovery in Paper Mill Wastewater Systems​
(​Shawn Whitmer, PE; Heather Jennings, PE; Zou Xuesheng; Xiao Peng; Jiang Ganfu; Sun Yinyi; and Hu Chong), International Water and Waste Management (Nov. 2015 issue)

Heather is a registered Civil Engineer and currently employed at Probiotic Solutions®, owned by Bio Huma Netics, Inc. Bio Human Netics provides solutions for agriculture, horticulture, turf and ornamentals, water and wastewater, and associated engineered technologies. In her role as Senior Project Engineer, she is responsible for managing sales and research efforts of Probiotic Solutions® wastewater treatment products and services.

 Supporting and inspiring other women to enter the forest products, pulp, paper, tissue, packaging and related industries is important to Heather. That’s why she is involved with TAPPI’s Women In Industry (WII) Division. The Division serves as a resource for education and networking opportunities, resulting in more women leaders in the industry. As one of the WII vice chairs, she is assisting with the inaugural Women’s Summit held in conjunction with PaperCon 2018 on April 19 in Charlotte, NC. The event will include networking, feature a keynote presenter and provide discussions during breakout sessions about topics prevalent and integral to women in today’s workforce.

 “I have been very impressed with TAPPI’s level of commitment and resources provided to support our WII Division,” Heather enthusiastically commented. “From account management to providing space for panel discussions at PaperCon, it really shows me that TAPPI supports the future development of the industry and the women who work in it.”

 Q: How has TAPPI membership helped you in your career pursuits?

A. Through TAPPI, I have opportunities to get to know many of the TAPPI staff and people within the industry. I realized TAPPI was also a door to connect with a diverse group of people, training courses and opportunities.

 “I’ve had the opportunity to exhibit and learn leadership skills and work with other members that have a very high level of commitment to improving the pulp and paper industry,” said Heather. “I’ve used TAPPI Connect to reach out and communicate with other industry professionals. And the e-Library has helped me understand the pulp and papermaking industry more clearly, as well as answered my questions about challenges the industry faces.”

 Q. Tell us about some interests outside of TAPPI and your professional life?

A. I grew up as an Air Force/military brat, and I learned to love travel, saw new places and met new people. Always learning something new. I’ve lived in Japan (Okinawa) and Finland and loved both countries!

I’m the President of Lacey Ladies of Arizona, an organization dedicated to educating and sharing the love of handmade lace making. 

Pictured at right is a new pattern of Ipswich lace I just started. 

 Q. What is your favorite paper or packaging product?

A. I’m a fan of the basics: tissues, paper towels, cardboard boxes, all the everyday materials that make life easier!

 Q. What are your closing sentiments?

A. I would recommend TAPPI to anyone that wants to understand the industry better. It’s easy access to some of the latest technology, as well as a resource for answers to current challenges. TAPPI events such as PaperCon and PEERS are always interesting to attend as there is always something new to learn or consider. I’ve also benefited from training offered and it has helped me understand the industry better.