Interactive Panel Explores Flexible Packaging’s Challenges and Limitations in Creating More Sustainable Solutions at TAPPI’s FlexPack PLACE Conference

Interactive Panel Explores Flexible Packaging’s Challenges and Limitations in Creating More Sustainable Solutions at TAPPI’s FlexPack PLACE Conference

(ATLANTA) January 31, 2024 – As the world grapples with environmental challenges, the packaging sector is under tremendous pressure to reduce waste and find innovative, eco-friendly materials. With its reduced material usage and lower transportation costs, flexible packaging is emerging as a possible solution. However, as companies transition towards more sustainable packaging alternatives, they face unique limitations and challenges that must be addressed.

Learn about the various aspects of flexible packaging conversion, including the differences and opportunities that can help in achieving a more eco-friendly packaging landscape during TAPPI’s FlexPack PLACE Conference panel discussion, “Brand Owner Sustainability Challenges,” on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. The panel, featuring brand owners and researchers, will share their insights and experiences on overcoming these obstacles, providing a valuable exchange of knowledge that can help propel the industry forward.

Panelists include:

  • Kristin Edie, Vice President Enterprise Sustainability, Hallmark;
  • Eric Klingenberg, Material Science Program Lead, Mars Advanced Research Institute (MARI);
  • Ken Laverdure, Fellow, Sustainability and Material Science, Estee Lauder; and
  • Steve Marko, Senior Director, Research & Development, Tillamook.

“Our goal is to foster deeper understanding of the limitations and challenges faced by companies as they transition to flexible packaging solutions in pursuit of sustainability,” said Panel Moderator Bradley Kramer, Senior Manager of Market Development, Kuraray America, Inc. “By sharing knowledge and experiences, we hope to facilitate a collaborative environment leading to the development of innovative strategies and solutions, ultimately driving the packaging industry toward a more sustainable future.”  

In addition to participating in the panel, Klingenberg will provide one of the conference’s three keynotes, “Flexible Packaging – Approaches to Improve Recycling and the Role for Compostables.”

Other keynotes include:

  • William (Bill) Jackson, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Amcor Global Flexibles, “The Role of R&D in Driving Product Sustainability and Profitable Growth;” and
  • Alison Keane, Esq., CAE, President and CEO of the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), “The State of the Flexible Packaging Industry.”

To learn more about the FlexPack PLACE Conference and to register please visit the website, or contact TAPPI’s International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division Manager Mary Beth Cornell by email or by phone at 404-510-0696.

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