Mica Corporation is pleased to announce its participation in TAPPI’s Extrusion Coating Course, in Neenah, WI from August 16-18. This three-day event provides invaluable information about extrusion processes and technologies to introductory extrusion coating professionals. Instructors of the course are renowned industry experts from leading companies in the extrusion coating vertical. Rob Hammond, Mica’s VP of Technical Services, will be teaching two sessions at the course about water-based priming and troubleshooting. Mica is also sponsoring a networking event for emerging leaders in the industry.

On the first night of the course, August 16 at 7:30 PM, Mica will sponsor the highly anticipated Young Professionals Mixer. All attendees under the age of 35 are encouraged to join for casual networking in a fun setting. Mica’s Communications Manager, Jessi Spadaccino, who is helping to organize the event, will be in attendance.  More details about the event will be announced soon on the TAPPI Extrusion Course event website.

On Wednesday, August 17 at 1:30 PM, Rob, who is a seasoned extrusion coating course instructor with close to 25 years of industry experience, will give a presentation called “Chemical Primers: What, Why, and How.” Attendees of this session can expect to walk away with a better understanding of what primers are, why and where they are used in the extrusion process, as well as some best practices for working with them.

On Thursday, August 18 at 8:05 AM, join Rob again to learn how to troubleshoot and find quick solutions for common issues operators face when working with primers during his session “Chemical Primers Troubleshooting.”

Mica has been actively involved in TAPPI for more than 50 years. TAPPI’s Extrusion Coating Course has become an important part of Mica’s onboarding and continuous improvement training process for employees. This year, Mica is pleased to be sending Jessica Spadaccino, Mica’s Communications Manager, and DJ Wroble, Mica’s new VP of Sales, to learn from industry experts about extrusion coating.

About Mica Corporation:

Mica Corporation manufactures and supplies water-based, environmentally responsible products that offer adhesion or other properties to plastic, metal, and paper surfaces in continuous web applications.

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Jessica Spadaccino

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