Transducer Basics - Proximity Probes and Other Sensors Webinar


Proactive maintenance via condition monitoring solutions enables pulp and paper product manufacturers to use data-driven insights to enhance operations and mill maintenance strategies. As a proactive approach in asset performance management strategy to optimize production and minimize unplanned downtime, monitoring machine vibration can tell us important information about its health.

Additionally, understanding the characteristics of the vibration can help us detect and diagnose symptoms before they become severe. With the advancement of technology and availability of sensors in the market, it is essential to know how they work, and where to use them.

This presentation will distinguish between Proximity, Acceleration, and Velocity sensors, and go through how they work, their proper application by machine/bearing type, and common installation errors.

After completing this webinar, participants should be able to explain the basic concepts of these sensors and outline their applications and common pitfalls to avoid.

Who Should Watch: 

  • Process Engineer, REACH Engineer, General Manager, Technical Manager, Mill Manager
  • Reliability Engineer / Supervisor / Manager / Leader / Head of
  • Maintenance Planner / Specialist / Engineer / Supervisor / Manager / Superintendent / Leader / Head of
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Operations Engineer / Supervisor / Manager / Leader / Head of
  • Production Engineer / Supervisor / Manager / Leader / Head of
  • Automation Engineer / Supervisor / Manager / Leader / Head of
  • Process Engineer / Supervisor / Manager / Leader / Head of
  • Professional engineer
  • Maintenance Area Engineer / Supervisor / Manager / Leader / Head of
  • Technology Manager / Engineer / Supervisor / Leader / Head of
  • Purchasing
  • Division Engineer / Supervisor / Manager / Leader / Superintendent / Head of
  • Business Improvement Engineer / Supervisor / Manager / Leader / Superintendent / Head of
  • Purchasing Coordinator / Specialist / Manager / Head of / VP
  • Head of Innovation
  • Digital transformation

Sponsored by Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes business


Speaker Stuart Rochon

Stuart Rochon is an Application Solution Architect for BentlyStuart Rochon-Bently Nevada.jpg Nevada, a Baker Hughes business, with over 20 years of experience in technology and engineering.

He started his career as Field Service Technician and later moved to Field Application Engineer before his current role where he assists customers in selecting appropriate condition monitoring solution technology, developing new CM applications and educating customers to get the best value out of their purchase.  Stuart also manages the tips and tricks monthly articles and webinars around the System 1 software.

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