Four Ways Packaging Manufacturers Use IIoT to Solve Their Biggest Challenges Webinar


Paper packaging manufacturers continue to face unprecedented scenarios in a competitive, ever-evolving market. Digital solutions, including an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform with Braincube Digital Twin and business intelligence apps, can help paper packaging companies solve some of the biggest challenges they face today.

In an industry with thousands of variables in a single process, packaging manufacturers need to find ways to reduce costs to improve their bottom line and meet challenging demands. Spending hours finding new optimizations, fixing an unexpected break, or guessing ways to improve tensile strength to meet quality expectations is not an ideal path to come out on top.

Learn how data-driven decision making enabled by IIoT helps the world's top packaging manufacturers address common challenges to stay competitive and find continued success in this aggressive market.

Learning outcomes

  1. Apply IIoT to improve packaging manufacturing processes, product quality, and asset maintenance
  2. Develop a digital transformation plan and make the case for Industry 4.0

Who Should Watch:

Job Title 

  • Director/VP/Head of Manufacturing
  • Director/VP/Head of Digital Transformation
  • Director/VP/Head of Continuous Improvement
  • Director/VP/Head of Quality
  • Director/VP/Head of Maintenance
  • Director/VP/Head of Engineering
  • Plant Manager


  • Paper Manufacturers
  • Packaging Manufacturers

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