Tissue Softness Explained

Softness, as rated by consumers, is the most important quality of bath and facial tissue and as such is the main marketing lever for tissue manufacturers. To project your brand into the premium marketplace, you must know what softness is, how it can be enhanced and how it is measured. This introductory webinar will answer these questions and cover: softness definition, furnish selection, chemistry, manufacturing, creping, and softness quantification techniques. It is a preview of a session at TAPPI's Tissue360 Forum in May.

This webinar is ideal for those in tissue manufacturing – from managers to operators – and anyone who wants to understand the basic mechanisms surrounding this `touchy` subject. A brief question and answer session will follow.

Jessica Carette is a chemist at FPInnovations in Montréal, Québec since 2012. She runs a tissue softness evaluation program and is investigating the relationship between manufacturing parameters and physical properties of tissue. She also works on cellulose modification and super-absorbent fibres. She graduated from McGill University in 2009 under the tutelage of Professor Theo Van de Ven at the pulp and paper building. She previously worked for Kemira in R&D and as a wet end chemical applications specialist. She is currently completing her MBA at the École des hautes études commerciales in Montréal

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