How to make sure your process improvement project lives on


Meet Presenter:

Bob White

Chief Executive Officer of Pulmac Systems International

Secretary of the PIMA Division Council

Bob White has years of experience under his belt and held meaningful roles along the way. He is the past Chairman of the IT Committee and now the Secretary of the PIMA Division Council. In his daily position, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Pulmac Systems International. The Company produces test equipment for the pulp and paper industry and develops technologies and processes based on fiber properties to improve the productivity and efficiency of papermaking and the quality and variety of paper products.

Bob is passionate about using the leadership, technical and other skills he acquired during his career to make step improvements in the papermaking process that result in a greater use of paper by society while using less raw material, energy, water and carbon.

He holds a degree in electrical engineering and an MBA, both from McGill University. He is one of the inventors in two patents on process improvements awarded by the USPTO.

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