Corrugating Training Path

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Introduction to Corrugated Course

  • The course is intended to help participants increase their understanding of the corrugating process, as well as linerboard and medium performance properties and manufacturing. Participants can expect to learn ways to improve corrugated box performance and runnability. Intro to Corrugated is designed to shorten the learning curve of people new to the business, and provide a deeper understanding to those already in the game.

Best Practices on the Corrugator Course

  • This course helps you improve corrugator performance by teaching participants proven practices and how processes can affect the bottom Line.  It is designed to give an understanding of each element in the corrugating process, which will lead to higher productivity and profitability, better quality, as well as reduce waste and downtime.

Advanced Coating Materials and Operations Course

  • This course is designed to provide a holistic understanding of coating materials, processes, and applications while discussing recent advances and trends in functional packaging, barrier materials, and curtain coating from the leading professionals in the field.  Participants will gain a very good understanding of coating raw materials, how those are processed and prepared for the coating applications, rheology, application methods, and finishing with an overview of end-use applications for coated paper and paperboard.

Advanced Bonding Course

  • This training is intended to broaden knowledge of the entire corrugated bonding process. A comprehensive range of topics are focused on developing a better understanding of the daily challenges faced. Expert instructors examine the ingredients and mechanics of the starch-based adhesive, including glue line analysis, process centerlining, bond strength testing, and identifying causes & corrections for warp.

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