Improving Cross Direction Mapping Webinar


The Cross Direction (CD) Mapping Common Interest Group (CIG) of the Process Control Division has developed a tool to determine the mapping of CD actuators to the profile. This spreadsheet takes the output of a bump test (or other method) to develop both the best linear fit and 3rd order fit mapping models. In addition, comparison is made to the current map-in-use and a reference map (such as the previous map) while Mapping Performance Indices (MPIs) are provided to measure the accuracy of each map. This presentation focuses on practical uses of this tool and its use with various actuator types such as slice, dilution, water spray, steam box and induction profilers. Examples are used to show when a map needs to be changed and how to determine if linear mapping is sufficient or if nonlinear mapping should be implemented.

Who Should Watch: 

Job Titles

  • Process Control Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Asset Lead and Mill Manager


  • Pulp and Paper 
  • QCS Suppliers 
  • QCS Maintenance

Learning outcomes: 

  1. Modify the set-up of the mapping tool and apply it to a new actuator set and machine.
  2. Analyze the results of the tool and use the Mapping Performance Indices (MPIs) to determine the accuracy of the various potential maps.


Kerry Figiel

Kerry Figiel has worked for International Paper for the past 41 years and is currently a Senior Engineering Fellow specializing in Process Control, QCS and WIS. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the US Military Academy, a MSBA from Boston University, a MS in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana Tech University and is a Professional Engineer.

Kerry has been involved in TAPPI for over 25 years and was the Process Control Division's Chairman from 2007-2010. He has served as Division Awards Chairman, Technical Program Chair and the Conference Chairman for PaperCon 2013. He was a co-author of the Division's Handbook, “Paper Machine Quality Control Systems Vol I, Measurement Systems and Product Variability”.   Kerry is a member of the 2015 Centennial class of TAPPI Fellows and was awarded TAPPI’s Herman Joachim Distinguish Service Award for leadership in 2019.  He holds 10 US Patents.

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