Total Pulp and Paper Mill Energy Evaluations


February 9th, 2021: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

Pulp and paper manufacturing are energy intensive and the second most energy intensive industry group in the manufacturing sector. Energy cost represents ten to forty percent of total manufacturing cost and is an important factor in profitable mill operation. The industry has made large strides in reducing total energy use. A comprehensive approach to identifying energy reduction opportunities has produced excellent results in many pulp and paper mills. Common energy reduction discoveries in evaluations in pulp and paper mills and utilities departments are discussed in this paper. Use of a portable flow meter is a key factor documenting current mill performance and improvement opportunities. There are many unknown measurement surprises in every mill. Total mill energy evaluations include review of preliminary information submitted by mill personnel, separate one-week mill visits for the paper mill and utilities departments and the pulp mill and bleach plant. Recommendations are based and proven technology that has been implemented in other pulp and paper mills. Energy reduction projects that do not require capital are discussed in the presentation.

Speaker: Dick Reese, B. S.-Paper Machine Subject Matter Expert

Key Expertise: Paper Manufacture, Paper Machine Energy Evaluations, Papermaking Technology on All Major Grades of Paper

Dick has a degree in paper technology from Miami University and has worked on paper machines for 60 years in various technical, manufacturing, engineering, and consulting positions. He has worked for paper companies, suppliers to the paper industry, engineering companies and as an independent consultant. He is an active member of TAPPI and is a TAPPI fellow, has been awarded the Manufacturing and Engineering division technical awards, and the Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award that is the top technical award in the paper industry. He has authored over 60 technical papers and made over 90 technical presentations at paper industry conferences and seminars.

He has specialized in paper machine energy conservation for the last fifteen years and was a key developer of TAPPI technical information paper 0404-63, paper machine energy conservation, and several other TAPPI tips. He developed paper machine energy scorecards that benchmark energy performance and identify opportunities for reducing energy use. The scorecards are used around the world and have been translated into Spanish, French, Korean, and Chinese. He has completed paper machine energy evaluations on over 300 paper machines producing all major grades of paper. Several paper mills have reduced annual energy expenditures by over $1 million by implementing energy reduction recommendations identified during energy audits. One paper company with seven paper mills reduced energy consumption by over 25 percent by implementing recommendations developed in energy evaluations. He currently works part time with CleanTech Partners and the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program to evaluate paper mill energy performance and identify proven and emerging technologies that will reduce consumption of electricity and natural gas.

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