Energy Savings & Runtime Extension Strategies For Recovery Boilers


Webinar Description: The availability of the recovery boiler is important to the Kraft pulping process. Any extended downtime of the boiler leads to the interruption in the pulping operation which amounts to a large financial loss to the mill. Due to the nature of the fuel burned in this boiler it is essential that sootblowing is maintained around the clock. This utilizes a large amount of high enthalpy (pressure & temp.) steam. With the current energy costs this translates to a high operational cost. In this presentation we will be sharing some proven methods that was used to achieve energy savings while maintaining the needed cleaning. We will present results from the use of our high efficiency nozzles, strategic sooblowing methods to optimize steam usage and the use of alternate steam sources from turbine extracts to maximize power production.

Presented By: Ishaq Jameel, Ph. D, Clyde Industries

TAPPI Division: Engineering

Webinar Sponsored by: Clyde Industries


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