Increase Process Uptime and Efficiency with Power Ultrasound Technology

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Approximately a third of the capital cost in a pulp mill is related to chemical recovery and power generation. One of the primary processes in chemical recovery is the evaporation plant. Unfortunately, evaporators' fouling/scaling is a major cause of both process downtime, causing production and output losses and decreasing evaporators' energy efficiency, capacity, and lifetime. Traditionally, fouling in evaporators is removed with chemical washes or mechanically.  However, these require production interruptions, causing both production losses and increases in labor, water, and chemical consumption. The production losses caused by shutdowns for cleanouts can cost pulp and paper mills tens of thousands of dollars per hour. 

The webinar will present software-guided power ultrasound technology as the ultimate approach to help pulp and paper mills globally gain process uptime and increase production and financial benefits by removing and preventing fouling in the processes and thus getting rid of unplanned process downtimes. The webinar will be showcasing how pulp and paper mills can prevent scaling/fouling in evaporators with a software-guided power ultrasound solution. Two case studies will be presented to highlight the benefits of the ultrasound technology in practice and introduce other cases and equipment in which power ultrasound can be applied in pulp and paper mills.

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Learning Outcomes: 

  • Recognize power-ultrasound solution as an approach to help pulp and paper mills globally gain process uptime and increase production and financial gains
  • Solve the need to prevent and clean fouling without using toxic chemicals and reduce mechanical maintenance and unplanned production shutdowns

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Founded in Finland in 2016, Altum Technologies is the only company to use software-guided power ultrasound to remove fouling/scaling from industrial equipment with no production stoppages and no toxic chemicals. Altum’s system is installed externally through mechanical attachments without the need to weld or do any modifications to the target equipment. The solution can also reduce industrial energy consumption and optimize CIP. With offices in Finland and USA, Altum has clients from several industries in every continent. For more information visit

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