Tissue and Converting Training Path

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Tissue 101: Processes & Properties Course

  • Whether you are new to the Tissue industry or a seasoned professional, including engineers, sales staff or management, TAPPI’s Tissue 101 is the perfect introduction or refresher course. This training is structured to provide you with a solid understanding of tissue properties and their impact on manufacturing processes, which can help you effectively achieve production goals and objectives.

Tissue 201: Operations & Runnability Course

  • This next-level training event is designed by industry-respected expert instructors to dive a little deeper into tissue operations and machine runnability. They will explain the most important industry-accepted best practices that will help you improve overall tissue machine efficiency, better troubleshoot issues, increase production and enhance product softness and bulk.

Tissue 202: Converting Operations Course

  • This training explores the converting processes of rolled products and how the quality and variability of tissue parent jumbo reels and soft rolls impact the runnability of these complex lines.  You’ll learn about all the points where you can influence operational efficiency and gain a better understanding of new technologies and resources available in converting operations.

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