Integrated Plant and Personnel Safety Solutions for Pulp and Paper Mills, Converting, Printing and Packaging


The management of workforce consisting of employees, contractors and visitors is critical for industrial facilities of all sizes. Growing scale of operations, meeting increasing safety, security, business continuity and regulatory requirements, optimizing worker’s job readiness and compliance while maintaining operational efficiency, remains a key challenge. In addition, data in multiple, non-integrated systems, lack of real-time enforcement and monitoring capabilities, manual processes often leads to an increased chance of non-compliance – resulting in penalties, loss work hours and financial losses.

Honeywell Plant & Personnel Safety portfolio offers integrated, end-to-end customized solutions that digitize, integrate and automate the EHS ecosystem with access to real-time data.

With our Digitized Workforce Management (DWM) solution, you can now leverage real-time location and site monitoring compliance functionality in accordance with social distancing policies ensuring real-time enforcement thus enhancing safety, compliance while improving productivity. From Integrated Fire and Gas solutions to automating your process safety lifecycle and visualizing your operational risk using real-time data, discover how our complete safety innovative suite is designed to drive excellence in plant, process and personnel safety to meet your digital transformation needs.

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