Moving Past Generational Differences

Moving Past Generational Differences

Webinar hosted by the YP Division, Sept. 20, 2018

Presented from young professionals' perspectives and discussed by both new and seasoned members of the workforce, this webinar examines real world examples of improving and eliminating generational barriers.

Who is speaking?
- Jack Bray (Moderator) Industry Consultant
- Peyton Clifton, Mechanical Engineer, Kingsport Mill, Domtar
- Kelley Dare, Human Resources Manager at Georgia-Pacific Brunswick Cellulose
- Bradley Harris, Entry Level Engineer, Fiberline, Kingsport Mill, Domtar
- Ron Nussman, Controller, Kingsport Mill, Domtar
- Noah Walker, Electrical Project Engineer, Kingsport Mill, Domtar

What will you learn?
- New methods to implement communication best practices when working with other generations.
- How to formulate ideas and embrace the differences in values and expectations of each generation

Thank you to our sponsors: Georgia-Pacific and International Paper


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