The Value of TAPPI eLearning

Grow. Achieve. Succeed.

TAPPI Academy’s eLearning programs help grow your individual or organization’s knowledge base by providing unsurpassed technical content from proven industry experts. We help you achieve your goals for continuous improvement by providing a variety of industry-specific training for beginning to advanced learners. We help you succeed in building a solid foundation for your individual or company's future by providing flexible, on-demand learning opportunities that allow you to train your way.

TAPPI Academy eLearning offers:

  • In-Depth Industry Technical Content
  • Basic to Advanced Educational Levels of Training
  • Peer Reviewed courses
  • Subject Matter Expert developed courses
  • Individual courses
  • Company Licenses including UNLIMITED use for all training at the site 
  • Course Customization for your mill or organization available. 
  • Course Topics include:

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Peer Review signifier represent course content that has passed our stringent peer review process by expert knowledge holders within the relevant field . 

TAPPI Peer Reviews with CARE.

  • Content – valid, qualified technical information
  • AntiTrust & Commercialism - content is AntiTrust compliant and process focused
  • Relevance – detail is current and will serve as an effective resource
  • Expertise – evaluation provided by Subject Matter Experts 

Content Provided by a Subject Matter Expert (SME):

Subject Matter Expert (SME) is that individual who exhibits the highest level of expertise in performing a specialized job, task, or skill within his/her industry. TAPPI promoted online courses with the SME signifier represent course content developed and presented by proven industry experts. The contribution of these knowledge holders increases the course value and distinction.  

Why eLearning?

For organizations and individuals to grow, achieve and succeed, eLearning has become an increasingly popular method for many reasons:

  • Increases production, revenue, and profits
  • Decreases costs, waste, errors, and inefficiencies
  • Increases compliance with regulations
  • Leads to happier, more satisfied workforce
  • Reduces turnover and costly onboarding
  • Helps organizations reach objectives and goals

The 5 Cs of TAPPI eLearning

  • Cost-effective
    Increase your ROI by eliminating travel expenses associated with onsite training.
  • Convenient
    Provides you with flexible, on-demand learning opportunities.
  • Consistent
    Presents consistent, standardized content and delivery.
  • Control for Learners
    Train at your own pace, not at the pace of the slowest or fastest member of the group.
  • Company Performance & Growth
    Establishes a solid foundation for employee development by providing opportunities for continuous improvement.

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