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Company and Site Licenses Enhance the onboarding process and support the need for continuous improvement with a TAPPI Academy eLearning Company License.

  • Enable unlimited use for all training at the site

  • Present consistent, standardized content and delivery

  • Include Learning Assessments for every course Contact [email protected]

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  • Real world training and solutions

  • Participants can earn CEU credit

  • Focused presentations, tailored to your needs

  • Save time, money and resources by keeping your staff on site

  • A confidential learning environment that promotes the free exchange of ideas and allows for creative problem-solving

  • Maximizing your training budget by having one flat fee for all your training needs

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Pulp and Papermaking Training Path

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Introduce all new hires (technical, operators, non-technical) to the industry with these resources:

eLearning courses from npt2.png : 

In-person courses:


Move Ahead.

Add on more comprehensive training like:

eLearning courses from npt2.png : 

In-person courses:

Maintain Momentum.

eLearning course from  npt2.png : 

Participate in Techinical Conferences.

Need to solve a specific problem? You can purchase the individual eLearning module that best meets your needs.




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