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Company and Site Licenses Enhance the onboarding process and support the need for continuous improvement with a TAPPI Academy eLearning Company License.

  • Enable unlimited use for all training at the site

  • Present consistent, standardized content and delivery

  • Include Learning Assessments for every course Contact

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  • Real world training and solutions

  • Participants can earn CEU credit

  • Focused presentations, tailored to your needs

  • Save time, money and resources by keeping your staff on site

  • A confidential learning environment that promotes the free exchange of ideas and allows for creative problem-solving

  • Maximizing your training budget by having one flat fee for all your training needs



Pulp and Papermaking Training Path

Grow your individual or organization’s pulp and papermaking knowledge base with unsurpassed technical content created by proven industry experts. View the path.

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Introduce all new hires (technical, operators, non-technical) to the industry with these resources:

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In-person courses:


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Add on more comprehensive training like:

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In-person courses:

Maintain Momentum.

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Participate in Techinical Conferences.

Need to solve a specific problem? You can purchase the individual eLearning module that best meets your needs.




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