Box Plant Basics - Safety

Online Course Description

There are thousands of box plants in North America which produce a large variety of corrugated board products. Each of these box plants has many safety hazards associated with it. This course will discuss safe work behaviors, equipment safety hazards, stored energy hazards, chemical hazards, emergency stops, as well as vehicle and pedestrian hazards within box plants.


Learning Objectives​

  • ​Define the terms "sheet supplier," "sheet plant," "corrugator/box plant," and "box blank"

  • Describe "wet end" and "dry end" operations on a corrugator

  • Describe safe behaviors for box plant workers

  • Identify and describe common equipment hazards for box plants

  • Describe and identify potential sources of stored energy

  • List the hazards associated with steam systems

  • Describe how to work safely with or around chemicals

  • Describe how vehicles and pedestrians can safely interact in box plants

  • Identify and describe how to mitigate sources of fire, slip, trip, fall, and bump hazards in box plants   

Language: English
Training Time: Single module, 24 minutes

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